History of captain's Bluff

Native Americans

Fort Frederica

Captain Charles Stevens was a coastal trader, delivering Sea Island Cotton and other goods up and down the coast. He was born in Denmark and sailed to St. Simons in 1836. He was 20 years old at the time. Captain Stevens bought 500 acres on St. Simons including the town of Frederica. One of Charles children (John Lawrence Stevens) built the original house on Captain's Bluff and also helped rebuild Christ Church.  The Stevens family owned the property until 2013 when Captain Phil Allen bought the property. Additional info on Stevens family can be found here


Stevens Family

The British troops had a lookout post set up on Captain's Bluff property so they could watch for any Spanish boats coming up the river towards the fort. Additional info on the fort can be found here.

It is believed that the earliest settlers to St. Simons had a settlement on Captain's Bluff. The island on south side of property has a dike that was built by native americans.

-note the first postcard titled "sunset at Frederica", is a picture from Captain's bluff area

Frederica Naval Action

On April 19th, 1778 three galleys from the Georgia Navy defeated a British troop During the revolutionary war. The Georgia troops were led by Colonel Samuel Ebert and amazingly not one of his men was hurt. This battle took place in the Frederica River right out front of Captain's Bluff dock. More info on the Frederica Naval action can be found here.